Mental Health & Physical Health Goes Together like PB&J

Disclaimer…I am not a medical professional and do not have any official training in this area, only speaking from personal experience.

Being a healthy person is having a complete sense of well-being mentally, physically, and socially. A healthy person goes beyond your dress or pants size and how good you look naked. A relationship between physical and mental health will maximize your whole health. Depression has been known to cause cancer, skin disorders, or other chronic type diseases. The same way having a negative mental state of mind can cause bad physical conditions, being sick can foster a negative attitude and mood.

I struggle with social anxiety and when it flares the anxiety interacts with my allergies. To sum up, I swell up with little hives until I can’t breathe. This really sucks and caused a horrible cycle of avoiding people so I wouldn’t break out, but I really like people and I would get sad from limited social interactions. However, over the years, with regular exercise and a healthy lifestyle (outdoor activities, learning to say no, better quality food, etc.) flare-ups are not as intense and my attitude is far more positive. Also with increased physical activity, my immune system is boosted and I have noticed quicker recovery from stressed induced fever blisters and ailments. I swear my resiliency from huge life changes, bad situations, and health scares comes from keeping both my mental state and physical body priorities.

Having a balance and understanding your body will lead to a fuller and healthier life. The goal is a high quality of life until the end.

Put your health first. Both your mental and physical health, so you can be 100% you.

lockalcordo, The Buzzed Badger

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