Vegetarian Transition

For close to a decade, I was a vegetarian that transitioned to a vegan for the last two years. I had tried many years before to eat a plant-based only diet because I am lactose intolerant and as a cancer survivor who was afraid of what I was putting into my body but failed miserably because I did not go in prepared. Having balanced meals and a variety of nutrients and minerals are important in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Anyway… in 2018 I had a bright idea to become a mainstream eater (if that’s what you call it) to fully experience my new life in Europe. It was a horrible mistake because after eating meat for the first time I was in the hospital due to not being able to break it down and my allergies came back aggressively enough I was back in the hospital and now taking daily meds on top of getting monthly shots. How can you even have a job drowsy and going to a doctor’s appointment every month? IDK… I miss my plant-based life. But in reality, it is a lifestyle change and you have to re-learn how to cook, plus navigate out in the world. For 2019, I will focus on a vegetarian diet before I go completely plant-based.

Sharing with you the last 3 months of 2019 transition:

  • October:
    • Find Plant-Based Substitutions
    • Sub out meats for Tofu Twice a Week
    • Use Fish When Plant-Base Won’t Do
  • November:
    • Use Only Vegetables or Fruit in Favorite Meals
    • Swap Cow Milk with Oat, Almond, Coconut, Rice… Any Alternative Milk
  • December:
    • Use Plant-Based Powder Instead of Whey
    • Test Out New Vegetarian Meals

After 3 months you should be ready for the leap to an all-vegetarian meal. As an ovo-vegetarian, you still can have eggs if you are not ready for the full plant-based jump. Plus cheese and milk are part of the vegetarian diet, I just try to avoid because I am lactose intolerant (everyone around me suffers) 0_0

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