Healthy Travels

It is hard on the body traveling long distances, no matter by car, plane, or train. You can minimize the stress on your body and mind by being prepared for healthy travels.

Health Travel Tips:

  • You never can have too much water. Bring a water bottle to fill through out your journey and trip or find a convienence store to pick up a few bottles.
  • Bring snacks like fruits or nuts. Also include at least one healthy meal a day. It’s vacation, so eat a greasy hamburger or the four cheese pizza if it makes you happy. Just remember to eat some greens once a day. 🙂
  • Skip the drinks on the airplane. Alcohol calories add up quick. Save the refreshing drafts and cute cocktails for the the awesome restaurants you researched ahead of time for a better overall experience.
  • Get in some exercise. Go for morning runs, hit the hotel gym before the start of the day, or stay in a highly walkable neighborhood. Walking to dinner or nearby attractions will give you the little extra movement throughout the day.
  • Most of all, have fun and do whatever energizes you. Plan out most of your day, but make sure to leave some time to simply explore or relax.

Don’t be that person who needs a vacation from your vacation. Remember its about resting and resetting from day to day stressors.