Shanyka Lock-Alcordo

IMG_0336Who I am…I am me, plain and simple.

I woke up one day and the rebel in me could not follow anyone else’s rules anymore but mine. In 2016 with the help and support from my wife, Jemarie Alcordo and friend, Josh Wilson, we opened the Buzzed Badger Coffee Shop near Fort Carson Post outside gate 4.  I spend my days connecting with people, that gives me so much joy. People come in and tell me their life’s story. This is what I do this for… connecting without electronics.

Outside by baby, Buzzed Badger, my wife and I strive to live a minimalist life. We are just getting started – it is harder than I imagined to let stuff go. It took us an entire weekend to just clear out a junk dresser. It’s mind-blowing how much we hold on to what we do not need. In this slow, but steady process it gets easier to let things go and appreciate the simplicity of owning a few thing. I truly love this experience. We also can live on less, which means less work and more time to spend on our quality of life. In this transformation, I have become a plant-based eater. Bless my wife’s heart who is still a meat-eater, she has been supportive throughout my diet/lifestyle change. And if that’s not enough!… I enjoy flipping old furniture and give it a new life. I sell my pieces at the Buzzed Badger. No rhyme or reason for what pieces I do, if I have the time and the right tools… I’ll upcycle.  Hope you enjoy my blog. If you don’t, that’s okay too. I also stop looking for approval along the way. LOL




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