Hello, 2017!

Most days start off with a cup of coffee and an endless todo list for the Buzzed Badger + my personal life. So much has happened since my last post early January... Bought a house, selling a house, planning a non-profit, figuring out how to roast coffee, learning how to ride a bike trainer without spotters,... Continue Reading →

13, 12, 11, 10…

Running. I. hate. running. But it is a great source of cardio exercise for a strong heart, because I plan to be around for long time to drive my wife absolutely bananas. Tee Hee. I hit a mile stone the beginning of the year and very proud of myself for succeeding in a 10 minute... Continue Reading →

Hello Abs, Goodbye Wine

Hello Abs, Goodbye Wine... for now. I am not completely crazy and will never stop drinking the nectar of the gods, but I see the rest of my body changing and my core is not keeping up. A little birdie once told me the summer body starts in the winter, so its time to get... Continue Reading →

More Than Just Content 

So my business has been open for 8 weeks and it was super scary...still is. The first week I was hoping I would sell at least $50, but now we are finding our way and getting repeat customers. And it feels like I'm doing what I've always should have been doing. We are more than... Continue Reading →

Social Caterpillar

     Okay...It's really happening. My co-partners and myself are opening a coffee shop in 2 months. And it is official, I am leaving my current employer to dive in head first as the main barista and full-time everything else. So in saying that, I am responsible for social media. YIKES! I am an introvert... Continue Reading →


Have not posted in a long while. Life has been crazy ...But this post is based off me being mad at myself. GRRR. I was at work doing a review about my territory - discussion of what I have done and where do I see my territory going. Honesty is both my weakness and my... Continue Reading →

much about nothing

This on going journey through life will never be boring for me. I have so many thoughts about where I want to be in life, career, and family, but I feel like each decision contradicts the ability to reach the other goals. I had a huge life change 4 years ago. Decided to put my... Continue Reading →

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