You deserve Physical, Emotional, Social, and Spiritual Well-being

Three goals to achieve Holistic Health: Promote, Prevent, & Raise Awareness


Promoting self-care to keep you motivated and loving the life you lead.

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Creating plant-based meal plans that are healthy and delicious. Able to smoothly help you transition to plant-based, vegetarian, or vegan diet. LOCKALCORDO promotes whole food diets to support disease prevention and chronic disease management.

Raise Awareness

Our community is only as strong as our people. Sharing the knowledge that all spectrums of our health need nurturing to fully foster our community.

  • Promote Healthy Living.
  • Prevent Illness.
  • Raise Awareness Our Communities.


Self-care is how you take your power back.

– Lalah Delia


Making small changes daily have large impact on you overall health. You just have to make that first commitment to wanting better for yourself and the people around. Feeling good is catching… Daily meditation, less sugar, more exercise could be exactly what you need to harness purpose, more energy, and positive change in your life.