Through His Eyes

Everyone has their insecurities, I am no different. I am the biggest critic of myself and can tear myself down in 2.3 seconds. Jordin and I watched A Wrinkle in Time directed by Ava DuVernay yesterday, the movie was amazing and loved that one of the highlights was your faults can be your strengths. However, Jordin... Continue Reading →

Enjoying Being a Childless Parent​

Nearly 3 months have gone by since adding Jordin to our day-to-day life. So many lessons and a rollercoaster of emotions has happened. The very first week alone with him, Je and I agreed we might not want kids... EVER. Fostering, adopting, having one was out the window! I was pretty vocal about it, even... Continue Reading →

Keeping Promises

*Jordin wanted to post a blog and I promised to post. Blog is below, included a story of another promise I will TRY to always keep: Hawaii This is a waterfall in Hawaii.  Hawaii has eight main islands and 7 are permanent islands.   The Promise Physical punishment, aka spankings, aka ass whoopings, is part... Continue Reading →

Survived Jordin on Week 1

Oh, Jordin-head, one of the 6...almost 7 nephews. Our first meeting was when he was 2 and he stared at me so intrigued (maybe it was my 'fro that I had 3 years of untamed growth) while rubbing my calf. Needless to say - AWK-WARD!!!!! We met in the cacophony of his parents fulfilling their duties... Continue Reading →

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