Survived Jordin on Week 1

Oh, Jordin-head, one of the 6…almost 7 nephews. Our first meeting was when he was 2 and he stared at me so intrigued (maybe it was my ‘fro that I had 3 years of untamed growth) while rubbing my calf. Needless to say – AWK-WARD!!!!! We met in the cacophony of his parents fulfilling their duties for the military and Jemarie taking in her twin’s son. This action accelerated Je & my relationship because I was still in the process of getting my life back together after my divorce and was not looking for a serious relationship. But in the time we had Jordin, I realized we were good in a relationship alone or with her whole side of the family intertwined in our lives. I quickly learned too, that there is no such thing as “mine” or “personal space” within a Filipino family. Fast forward 6 years, his parents are back to serving our country and we got lucky to spend loads of quality time with Jordin again. IMG_1472

Even though Jordin and I are not blood-related, we are from the same spirit animal. We act so much alike, it’s scary. When I get to spend time with Dean, my younger sister’s son, he is her and my Dad up and down. Dean is so vocal, curious, and absolutely love people. Jordin and I are so independent that we are borderline antisocial, like to watch and observe our surroundings, and are quiet rebels. However, when we get comfortable with you, we will talk your head off, we’re super funny, and give you brutal honesty without blinking an eye.

We successfully made it through the first week without Gerrelaine, with only me having a small meltdown dropping him off at school on a super cold day. He gave me daily updates on how bad…then good my fever blister looked on my face, the countdown to when the doctor will clear me from my concussion “brain rest” (actually countdown to when I can play video games again), and we’ve had strong debates about what kind of homework will we make up for him to keep him challenged in education this week.  On to week two…


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